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At Hetrics, we facilitate your hospital search, assist in finding the optimal fit, enable access to their services, and offer a platform for insightful reviews.
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Who we are
At Hetrics, our core mission is to democratize access to healthcare. We've built a comprehensive directory that spans health facilities of all types, sizes, and ownerships. Our robust review system empowers users to make well-informed decisions about the quality and scope of services each facility offers. Beyond just being a directory, we've tailored our platform to be modern, lightweight, and fast, ensuring that it's accessible on a range of devices. While you can tap into a wealth of information without signing up, creating an account unlocks the platform's full potential. In sum, we're not just a directory; we're a curated experience aimed at making your quest for the right health facility seamless.
Our Mission
Our Mission at Hetrics is to evolve into the go-to platform for comprehensive, current information on health facilities. Within the next 5 to 10 years, we aim to be an integral part of the healthcare ecosystem, going beyond being a directory to providing an end-to-end experience. From your initial search for a healthcare facility to booking appointments and managing health records, we aspire to cover it all, setting the standard in healthcare accessibility.